Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Child's Play...

The mind of a child, how they interpret  the sign of "keeping fingers crossed"

- negs!
- nix!
- ningzies!
- nikkie not on!
- nikkie not me!

All these expressions are used when you want to eliminate yourself from doing something that is either too much effort or you really just don't want to be "the chosen one" or in a more defined term - "It"

Be it on the playground at school or in the comfort of your own home, things come about where someone has to take initiative. Especially among children! 

As a young child and okay, i'll admit it...To this day I still use the expression "negs": to not answer the phone, clean the car or wash the dishes! It just makes life so much easier, especially in a family of 5.

When i asked this little girl what her thoughts were; she said she always tried to get "negs" first, so that she didn't have to be "it" she didn't want to be the bad guy people ran away and hid from when playing hide and seek. Being "it" sucked, hiding is so much more fun!

To think how this sign -"fingers crossed" has been torn away completely from its Original and used in a form of child's play...


  1. When i was little my sisters and i used to argue over getting the gate to our house. It would have to be the first one to say nix...it was so far from the house... o and we still do it today to get out of pouring drinks when we all sitting around watching TV...so much fun memories with NIX... :)

  2. funky chicken nixx... we'd say that at school when we crossed our fingers... a very random thing to say, but then again so is crossing your fingers???

  3. hahahah no ways! we'd also say that in school!

  4. ur lame thats why u said it brittney claire ;) KIDDing lol. we said niggie not on :P and then ran away like funky chickens and climbed a tree :)