Sunday, October 10, 2010


Now that most of you have an idea of what "fingers crossed" means, I was wondering if it was just me or do you feel that it's slightly strange how we use specific signs or expressions to recieve good luck as well as hope?

I personally feel that in order for good things to happen for us, one has to have faith; not neccesarily religious faith, but just to have faith in yourself. 
I am all for wishing for luck and wanting hope,  but in life, you'll learn that it doesn't just fall into your lap, we work hard for it and reap what we sow...

We place our hopes and dreams on the sign and expression "fingers crossed", but does this in anyway really grant our wish? 

What is your opinon on this?

'High hopes & 


  1. Dont think it really grants our wishes and I dont think the things we associate with luck grants our wishes either. I believe in the idea that we draw what we really wish for to us if we really want it badly enough.

  2. A friend from overseas had sent this to me through fb:

    I read your post on OPINIONS - that is just so true, we can't have our wishes for granted through crossing our fingers, just like one can't make a wish to a genie, one will only be granted luck - if there really is such a thing? through believing in oneself and having that positive outlook towards what you hope for!
    things dont' come to us that easy in life unfortunately :(