Thursday, October 14, 2010


All in all, it is hard to try and make this cliche into something fresh and new, in doing this blog I learnt more about the actual cliche as well as the many other ways in which is has been used!
Why has this expression become a cliche? Because of people taking it out of its actual context and incorporating it into something that wears it out!

I must say, what i have noticed in going through images and research - somehow the "keep your fingers crossed" is used in context of relationships, love, hate, lying... could this possibly be the new and fresh way of interpreting this cliche?

It might seem a little stupid, but in some of the pictures, the finger crossed do in a sense represent a sense of unity, something that can't necessarily be broken, but unfortunately in some cases, that unity does fall to pieces...

I personally do find some of the more "lovey dovey" images more appealling, they are really sweet...
here are just a few of them :

If i could change the way this cliche should be read, i think i might just have it refer to how two people can be as one if they stick together, i'm not sure if any of you have heard something similar to " Oh jenny and i, we're like this" *fingers crossed* to show they have a tight bond...
I think it could catch on, who knows?? :) x


  1. e the one with the blue sky :) yeah ive heard the 'jenny' expression.

  2. prettiful my friend, i really think you have covered this cliche like a mofo! there aint nothing u dont know bout it. and i think u took the best take on it. i like this last post, very inspiring :) xo